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Bangladeshi market is facing new digital marketing challenges every day since the audience is completely new. New developments and innovations are being implemented to attain the business goals agencies. As a result , the demand on digital channels is growing due to exposure to the global market through social media most audience now have basic awareness.

Easily accessible from regular banking to running a company. Decisions on Whatsapp groups are made and executions occur instantly. If anyone does not meet the demand or expectations next choice is ready just in time. Companies are having measurable direct advantages from digital marketing. It enables Bangladesh’s oddest and not so attractive industry, like – insurance. Green Delta Insurance Ltd., a major player in the insurance industry, greatly impacts its sales. Everyday digital marketing facilitates the education of millions of people, making money from their own imagination, saving lives and eventually having positive impacts on society. The best part is the business leaders and consumers in Bangladesh are realizing the blessings of digital marketing, the penetration is also very high compared to many markets around the world. Investment in digital marketing is growing, and the country’s digital ecosystem is in a phase of growth.

Let’s see some of the best digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh.

1.DIGITALVAST https://digitalvast.com/

digivast logo

DigitalVast is one of Bangladesh ‘s biggest & No:1 Digital Marketing Agency. The journey began in 2014 with DigitalVast. DigitalVast offers to local & intronational customers its services.

DigitalVast had been collaborating with some of Bangladesh’s leading firms. They’ve built some beautiful and unforgettable ads for their consumers that helped the brands establish a strong relationship.


Digital Media Buying, TV & Newspaper Media Buying, Creative Development, Branding & Strategy Development, Website Development, TV Commercial Making & Online Video Commercial Making.

Client list:

Rupayan Group, Demand Fashion, Concord Group, Craftsman Fashion, Aarogga, Pickme, , Asset Development, BabyShop, Wonderland Group, Suvastu Properties Limited.

client list

2. WEBABLE DIGITAL https://webable.digital/

webable logo

Webable was founded by Ovick Alam in 2013. Webable has five years of experience in digital marketing and ranks among Bangladesh ‘s leading digital advertising firms. We have followed an approach that sees the strategy, user interface, analysis, web design, mobile-friendliness, advertisement, search engine optimization, Facebook ads with a cohesive range of strategies originating from one brand strategy for digital transformation.


Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategy, Customer Analytics, Digital Production, Event Activation, Creative Design.

Client list:

ACI Ltd, Yellow, Asus, Lafarge Holcim, Alibaba, Brac, The Daily Star, Jaago Foundation, Ifad Multi Products Limited, Aarong


3. MAGNITO DIGITAL LIMITED http://magnitodigital.com/

magnito logo

Magnito was founded by Riyad Shahid Ahmed Hussain in 2013. Magnito Digital is Bangladesh ‘s largest digital agency, with a team of over 90 people. Magnito Digital is a complete digital agency that delivers sales for a brand right across the value chain, from launching a brand to driving business leads. They build digital strategies which help businesses attract online businesses.


Strategy, Design, Digital Content Development, Digital Campaigns, Web Development, Social Media Marketing.

Client list:

Grameenphone, Bioscope, Uber, Fresh, Meghna Group, Huawei, Puma, Delta Life, Pran, Bkash, Symphony, Uniliver.

magnito clients

4. ANALYZEN BANGLADESH LTD https://www.analyzenbd.com/

analyzen logo

Analyzen is a digital full service, and Bangladesh’s first ever one-stop technology agency. They are leaders in design, growth & technology and have end-to – end digital marketing campaigns. They started out as a software development firm and have now become a popular Digital Company.


Digital-first 360 Strategy, Data Analytics, Cross-media Content Development, Digital Buying, Apps & Games Development.

Client list:

Pond’s Men, Fair & Lovely, Rin, KFC, Dove, Vim, Lifebuoy, IPDC, Pizza Hut, Lux, Taaga, Pran, Meena Bazar, Taaza.

analyzen clients

5. MELONADES http://www.melonades.com/

melonades logo

In the process of digital marketing, Melonades is specialized in creating creative and analytical spirit along with globalized resources. They worked at business companies of all sizes with marketing teams.


Social Media Management, Content Development, Online Advertising.

Client list:

Anwar Group, Banglalink, BCB, Runner, Coca Cola, Marico, AFBL, Bkash, Fresh

melonades clients

6. BOOMERANG DIGITAL https://www.boomerangbd.com/our-clients/

boomerang logo

Established in 2001, Boomerang Digital began with an experiment and has now become one of the leading independent digital agencies in Bangladesh. They’ve been working on a lot of innovative, impactful, interactive and award winning campaigns. Now they’re a team of 60 who helped businesses with pay-per – click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, digital strategy, and video.


Digital Marketing, Video & Photography, Ux/ui Design, Branding & Print, Web & Mobile App Development.

Client list:

Krespy Kreme, Telenor Health, Bkash, Metlife, Lafarge, Bangladesh Army, Tonic, Kool, Keya, Golden Tulip.

boomerang clients

7. GEEKY SOCIAL https://geekysocial.com/

geeky social

GEEKY Social is a Bangladesh-based digital marketing agency; they offer integrated online solutions. They are globally recognized Digital Marketing Agency that believes by optimizing online reputation in furnishing any brand.


Digital Contents, Social Media Marketing, Digital Products, Seo, Search & Display Ads, Video Contents.

Client list:

Aarong Dairy, Canadian University, Clemon, Lg, Mojo, Mithai, The Daily Star, Rangs, Pranc Chancur, Montro.

geeky clients

About the author: Lavanya Singh