What is WordPress development and how to hire a WordPress developer

What is WordPress development and how to hire a WordPress developer

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What is WordPress development and how to hire a WordPress developer

In this digitalisation world. Everything has been changed. Everything what we do as been revolutionised in a different way. So today let us see what is Wordpress design agency and how to hire a WordPress developer.

Introduction to WordPress:

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that provides you the ability to publish, edit, modify, organise, delete and maintain content all in one central space. It could either be a host of text, photographs, videos or audio files. These elements can then be presented in any way you want, which in turn is WordPress’ strongest suit. It’s not only a powerful platform to store and manipulate information but it also has a knack of elegantly displaying that information on the web with function to boot.

WordPress is operated by an accomplished core development team and is funded by a dedicated international community of professional ‘open source’programmers & designers.

The core development team manages software updates which include improvements in features and protection of any possible vulnerability to code. On the other hand, they are backed up by the ‘open source community’ with immediate awareness and support for enhancements and bug fixesas well as a wide variety of options for plug-in applications or design frameworks (i.e. themes and templates).

How does it work?

WordPress needs two components to work on your web server: PHP and MySQL. PHP is written in the WordPress language rendering it interactive. PHP is a server-side language, that is, it runs on your web server before a browser is served. PHP is actually one of the web’s most popular languages today, partly because of WordPress’s popularity itself!It’s great to add data bases information and extract information from them on the basis of a given criterion. From here you can insert the information into an HTML file. MySQL, on the other hand, is an open-source relational database management system that can be compared to operating with a structured spreadsheet that files data in multiple different headings.Users have access to the database where they can build, update, read and delete data of any kind (CRUD). MySQL is the world’s second most commonly used database management system, and is extremely quick to answer queries. Take these points to heart to get a better understanding of how WordPress works.Note that WordPress operates on three levels: It offers an simple interface (known as the dashboard) for website owners to control their database content. It generates MySQL queries for the database, receives the information, and when a browser requests it publishes the page that contains the correct data on the route. This allows diversity by themes, plugins and short-codes so that any feature that a website owner needs can be applied to the site as they understand WordPress codes from PHP and studies. WordPress holds all content in the MySQL database. How that information is presented on the web is up to the theme.

So to make this WordPress application WordPress developer are needed. There are many ways to hire a WordPress developer

1] you can directly hire a developer .

2] you can give a contract to WordPress development company.

How to hire a word press developer?

WordPress development involves various technical and non technical aspects. In technical aspect the developer needs to code, apply logic and develop the website. In non technical aspect the developer needs to think creatively to make the website attractive easy to handle and make it simple. So following are the steps to hire a word press developer-

1] select a domain

2] look for the qualities required for a domain

3] selection of a candidate.

Selection of a domain- first and the foremost thing its that in which field you are hiring. What is the main work of an employ after he I hired. So in wordpress development there are three domains namely core development, theme development, plugin development.

Core development- A Core Developer works on the actual WordPress Software itself. The core of WordPress is the standard download you get when you visit the Official WordPress Website. So it is important that the developer should be great at backend development.

Theme development- in this domain the developer needs to make a theme for a website. Theme is the main layout that every webpage of a website will look like.

Plugin developer – every website has its unique function and word presss can’t develop all the function to all of its user so plugin developer develops a specific function for the website.

What qualities should see in the candidates?

Technical qualities – according to the domains the technical skills varies. So for specific domain we should look for specific skills. Below are some of the qualities for the domains which you have to look at.

a] Core development- in this development the developer needs to have a strong hold on PHP and My Sql database coding languages as Php provides the application an interface that links our webpages and our database my sql provides the database for the website.

b] Theme development – in this domain the developer should be good with HTML, CSS,JavaScript and jQuery like languages. These are the main languages that are used in frontend development.

Other technical skills requires Terminal or Command Prompt or Powershell ,GIT for version control Grunt or Gulp for task management Text Editors or IDES/Integrated Development Environments for coding WordPress Classes, Functions etc

Where will you get the developers?

There are many places that you can visit to Outsourcing web development services such as-

Codeble- Codeable is the number one outsourcing platform for WordPress related work. Unlike other outsourcing platforms, Codeable pre-screen each developer and make sure that they pass a strict vetting process.

Toptal- Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, and finance experts in the world.They have a very rigorous screening process to only work with the best talent in the world. This also means that hiring a freelancer from Toptal will cost you more than normal.

Freelancer – Freelancer.com is another very large online jobs marketplace. Similar to other such platforms, it has a large community of freelancers including WordPress developers.

Other way to get WordPress developer is to give contract to a WordPress development company

WordPress development company- there are many companies that provide services for clients. In terms of designing websites, the developers in this companies are highly skilled to meet all the needs and challenges. They have in-depth knowledge and long experience the fierce competition makes them innovative and creative as a custom WordPress development. Whether it is theme development, plugin development, or CMS customisation they have solution and right people who knows how to do the job. Some of the services they provide are

WordPress Website Design Services

WordPress support and maintenance services

WordPress Multisite Development

WordPress support and maintenance services

WordPress Migration Service

WordPress plugin and themes

Custom WordPress development – WordPress come with some build-in themes for our website but to make our website look better than competitors and to increase our sco WordPress development company provides custom WordPress development. In this service the company provides the client with his own custom designed themes and function. This gives a client advantage to make his website unique and attractive. This also increases the traffic of the website.

So thanks for reading todays blog. Have a good day ahead.

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