Top SEO Trends in 2019

Top SEO Trends in 2019

Google is always investing to be the best search engine in the world. Therefore, SEOs must keep adapting to the new changes. The continuous process of adapting to new changes is what brings forth SEO trends. SEO professionals understand that for them to stay on top of the game, they have to think about their SEO strategies in advance. And for this to happen, they have to consider the new SEO trends and come up with an action plan for them. This article will explore the SEO trends that you need to understand and what strategies and tactics will help you dominate the search engine results page and generate more revenue in 2019. 

Top SEO Trends in 2019
Top SEO Trends in 2019
  1.   Voice Search

2019 is the year of voice search. It is actually estimated that about 50 per cent of searches will be done by voice by 2020. People are now starting to use voice-enabled devices such as Google Home, to perform at least 30 per cent of all searches without using a screen. 

Searches entered through the keyboard are shorter than those done via voice search. Therefore, it is important to come up with SEO that is highly focused on finding and using keywords that are longer that mostly match what people use in conversations. 

2019 has experienced a massive surge of voice search due to the huge sales of artificial intelligence devices such as Google’s Home, Amazon’s Axela and Apple’s Homepod. These massive sales show that there is a revolution that is already happening in how new search for products, services or content on the internet. However, voice search optimization, just like mobile optimization will require more research and actionable plan by digital marketers in 2019. 

  1.   Mobile-first Indexing 

 Mobile-first indexing was first rolled out by Google in 2018. Statistics show that mobile devices account for almost 60 per cent of all traffic, and this is projected to grow. When talking about mobile-first indexing, something which is very new in the industry, we need to understand how important speed is and why bit is important to build a website that is truly responsive. 

Today, Google is on a mission to ensure that slow-loading websites are improved. Owners of such kind of websites need to improve their websites, otherwise, they will be left behind with sites that don’t truly serve the purpose intended for them. 

This year, it is important for website owners to lower the load of times of their sites. Additionally, website owners should build better mobile websites and even go further to create better user experiences for visitors using mobile devices. 

The focus of a website owner now should be to create websites that are easy to use and navigate. Such kind of website will offer better user experience and lower load times. 

  1.   Thought Provoking Content

We have always heard the phrase that content is king. Yes, it is true content is king, but for 2019 content should be thought-provoking. Content has always been a popular strategy for digital marketers and still, it will continue being great in 2019. 

Website owners understand the importance of producing high-quality and engaging content that informs visitors about what a website is about. In 2019, content will continue having a powerful influence in search engine rankings. Content production has always been a core business model in the SEO industry. This is why there are numerous content marketing companies that claim to offer content marketing solutions. High-quality content marketing companies are constantly looking for quality writers and videographers that can help produce the highest quality content. 

The sourcing of high-quality content creators will be high in 2019, thus the competition for high quality will be very. Therefore, as a website owner, you will need to have thought-provoking content that can help you beat your competition. 

Thought provoking content can actually help to funnel visitors who already like some of your content into more of your content. Creating plenty of high-quality content is a must if you are really looking to achieve success in SEO.


Top SEO Trends in 2019
Top SEO Trends in 2019
  1.   User Intent Optimization 

Web searchers are belied to have a particular intent when they type in specific keywords. Research is still going on into the intent of web searchers. There are many people out there who believe that search engine optimization is about having a lot of popular keywords in their web pages. Well, it is beyond that. 

Search engine optimization should be about having keywords that will help your site deliver what its searcher is looking for. Every time a searcher enters a keyword in Google’s search box, they want to give the best and most accurate result. That is the job of a search engine. The searcher can only have a good perception of a website when they feel that the result is given by the search engine is more practical. 

The rise of user intent can be linked to the rise of voice search. Today, people do not have to type what they are looking for, they can just clearly state what they are looking for regardless of whether or not they are products or services or even information. 

In order to achieve prime user intent optimization, you need to think of yourself as the web searcher. You need to determine what you would be looking for, what kind of calls to action that motivates you to open a site or learn more about a product or service or what value you would really want in a website. 

User intent optimization is a great SEO trend in 2019 and it will continue growing, largely due to the rise of the voice of search. 

  1.   Structured Data Markup 

AI is becoming increasingly important for Google and so does structured data. AI require fast processing of information so that it can remain great always. It is important for website owners in 2019 to start acquiring some understanding of structured data, schema, and active and passive search behaviours and how they actually connect to behaviours that signal intent. 

Structured data markup should be understood, tested and implemented in 2019. A website owner can now leverage existing content by integrating speakable and fact check structured data markup. The mark-ups act as a key link between factual reality and the non-screen future. 

  1.   Local Search and Geo Targeting

A business that is focused on targeting local customers, local searches are particularly relevant to them. For local businesses to rank well in Google search result they need to focus on local search optimization. 

Local search optimization is going to be more popular and more precise in 2019. Local businesses will be able to even very small and more precise areas like the cross-streets rather than the suburb of a particular city. 

Consumers love proximity, as a matter of fact, we all love proximity. The power of mobile searching is the main thing that allows you to target down to very small areas like streets and corners. If someone is walking down the street and searches for a pizza restaurant, they will be shown a restaurant that’s only blocks away, rather than miles. 

High precision search campaigns are going to be a huge trend in 2019. Businesses will want to be closer to a pre-qualified consumer. When this happens there is more likelihood that a financial transaction will happen. 

  1.   Amazon Search Optimization

Amazon Search is becoming a huge competitor of Google. Many SEO professionals have projected a massive growth in Amazon Search Optimization in 2019. A study done by Kenshoo across consumers in the U.S, Germany, UK and France indicates that 72 per cent of shoppers now uses Amazon to find products. This percentage can actually be attributed to the expected huge growth of Amazon Search. 

According to the same study, 56 per cent of consumers first searches products on Amazon before proceeding to look at other websites. On Amazon, they find everything they need that is also available on Google including products they might be interested in, product reviews and similar product suggestions. This shows that consumers do not have to really use another search engine to find what they want to purchase or do proper research prior to making a purchase decision. 

All that confirms why Amazon Search is becoming a huge competitor of Google Search. When fewer are searching for products on Google, it could actually have a huge impact on Google ads and revenue. 

Amazon is viewed as the best place to make purchases because of its convenience, lower prices and ease of shipping. Nearly more than 50 per cent of U.S online consumers starts their product search on Amazon. It is for this reason that many brands are looking to build and implement a branding and content strategy on the Amazon channel. 



The digital marketing world is constantly changing especially the field of search engine optimization. This is both an exciting and scaring thing. The future might not always be clear, but the emergence of new technologies and statistics simply dictate the trends of SEO or digital world. Some trends might not be already happening, but they are bound to happen soon. 

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