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PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC or Pay Per Click is an effective internet marketing technique that can be used to attract more leads as well as more revenue to your website. Nowadays, it is one of the most quickest & effective means to sponsor a product or services on the global platform.

What is PPC?
PPC is a mode of payment for advertisements made on the Internet in which the advertisers pay the hosts or service providers according to the number of visitors to their advertisement, and these numbers of visitors are determined by the number of clicks which are made on the advertisement. Basically, using this technique the company gains a more prominent position in terms of advertisement.

It is preferred by the webmasters who want to list their websites at the top of the major search engine’s result pages. Sometimes we have seen that many websites which don’t have required page rank but still they are acquire vital amount of leads as well as generate more revenue for their webmasters, all due to PPC management.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo each offer their own Internet advertising platforms, out of them Google’s AdWords (and AdSense – used on websites) leads the market.

Benefit of PPC Management Service

Custom Budgeting
Simplicity: The interfaces on the PPC management pages have gotten numbingly easy to use.
Geo Location: Local as well as regional campaigns benefit the most from geographical targeting
24/7 advertising
Precision Targeting
Trackability – PPC ads can easily be tracked through the PPC interface.
Immediate Results
Brand Awareness

Core strengths of PPC Service

We carry out all English language PPC management in house with use of expert professionals working on our payroll.

Our in-house PPC management staff has passed the AdWords exam & manages many client accounts.

Includes several clients for whom we have been managing one or more PPC campaigns for as many as 8 years.

ISHANTECH PPC Service Guarantees:

Long term PPC expertise using Qualified AdWords Professionals

Fixed monthly management fees

Continual account management. We do not setup your account and ‘leave it running’. We continually optimize the account, giving far higher ROI.

We aim for highest ROI (high quality visitors) instead of maximum number of clicks (which may be poor visitors)

Contact Us = Ishantech@hotmail.com 

Call = 7869507188

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