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Bing Integrates TripAdvisor Tools, Content Into Search Results

Bing Integrates TripAdvisor Tools, Content Into Search Results

Travel site TripAdvisor made two Microsoft-relatedannouncements today. The company announced a Windows 8.1 app. But more significantly TripAdvisor and Bing are now presenting TripAdvisor content and travel search capabilities within Bing search results pages. Bing will now display TripAdvisor reviews and photos as well as TripAdvisor’s hotel price comparison tool in SERPs. TripAdvisor’s full content library including restaurants, hotels and attractions will reportedly be available to Bing. TripAdvisor said this on its blog about the Bing integration: In the U.S., we are partnering with Bing to embed TripAdvisor’s price comparison tools, traveler reviews and photos within search results on Now, when you search for somewhere to stay on Bing, you’ll have instant access to our community’s reviews and ratings without needing to leave the page. And, if you have specific dates in mind, you can see which hotels are available and at what price. You can go from thinking about where to go to being ready to book in a matter of seconds. It’s not clear whether this partnership...

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The Smart Watch: Samsung, Apple Ready Dueling Wrist Devices

The Smart Watch: Samsung, Apple Ready Dueling Wrist Devices

The competitive effort by Samsung and Google to introduce an “iWatch” is not unlike the US-Soviet race to launch a man into space. Early September should bring new wearable devices from both companies within days of one another. Both Bloomberg and the NY Times reported that Samsung is going to announce its smart watch on either September 4 or 6, seeking to preempt Apple’s anticipated similar announcement during its iPhone event on September 10 (still not confirmed). Samsung’s watch is reportedly to be called “Galaxy Gear,” which sounds more like a product category than an individual product. We can expect Apple’s smart watch to be branded “iWatch.” The company has applied for the trademark “iWatch” in Japan according to Reuters. [adsenseyu1] The Samsung device, based on Android, will reportedly “make phone calls, play video games and send e-mails,” according to the Times’ article. The Apple watch will likely interact with the iPhone and iOS apps, but it’s not clear what specific features it will possess. There are already a number of smart watches in...

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